About Us.

Our restaurant is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful Indian Cuisine.

Introducing the most happening hotspot in Pune, Silver Spoon from the House of Massive Restaurants is the most stylish, high energy dining. It showcases mixological evolution through it’s especially handcrafted-signature-beverages and is featuring avant garde, post-modern techniques creating a Bar experience unlike any before. It is a trendy and offbeat dining space, designed in a way that nothing can take away the focus from the pièce de résistance of the entire restaurant. Its larger-than-life light installation wall that stands as a dramatic backdrop to the one-of- a-kind trapezoidal island bar that is touted to be one of the most stunning bars in Pune city.

We serve good feast with healthy cuisine in an awesome ambience. Silver Spoon is the best place to enjoy fresh food, authentic Chinese and Indian cuisine. Our accomplished team of chefs has mastered the art of making your gastronomic experience exquisite with every veg and non-veg treat on the menu. At Silver Spoon you will savour a distinct food dining experience. The bar in the house, adds zing to your taste buds, with variety of drinks.

500 BY 1000 (1)
500 BY 500 (1)

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